Business Disputes

Yourist Law understands that internal business disputes and conflict among partners and shareholders can threaten the very heart of a business. These disputes most often occur years after a partnership agreement or corporation bylaws have been created and signed. They arise out of changing interests, conflict over a business’ direction, personal problems and other issues. How the partnership dispute or other conflict is resolved can often be critical to the survival of your business.

Yourist Law Corporation has extensive experience in representing businesses partners and shareholders in various dispute stages. Often we are able to solve our clients’ disputes without the necessity of filing a lawsuit. However, when there is no other alternative but to file a lawsuit, we do litigate Shareholder, Partner, and LLC disputes including ownership issues, squeeze-out issues, freeze-out issues, valuation issues, minority oppression issues, and breach of fiduciary duty issues as they relate to Corporations, Close Corporations, Shareholders, Partners, Partnerships, LLCs, LLC Members and LLC Managers.

Our civil litigation practice provides knowledgeable legal counsel and effective trial lawyers for business clients throughout California. We handle shareholder and breach of contract disputes involving:

  • Breach of fiduciary duty
  • Shareholder disputes against owners
  • Involuntary dissolutions
  • Self-dealing (pursuing business opportunities for one’s self that conflict with the best interests of the company)
  • Minority owner rights
  • Executive compensation, buyout agreements, and buyout rights
  • Corporate deadlock disputes
  • Shareholder appraisal rights
  • Franchise Disputes
  • Shareholder Rights to Inspect Books & Records of Company


Our attorneys work closely with entrepreneurs and other stakeholders to protect key investments throughout arbitration or litigation proceedings.>

Under California Law, often many disputes between shareholders of corporations are now largely governed by statute.

Yourist Law is committed to achieving clients’ goals in the most expeditious and cost-effective manner possible. To that end, we employ innovative, flexible fee arrangements.

We are dedicated to providing the first-class advocacy our clients expect and deserve at fair, competitive prices.




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