Cannabis Banking Solution

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Straightforward Banking Solution for the Regulated Cannabis Industry*

The Problem:  The Cannabis industry does not have a real banking solution to remove the risk of dealing with cash payments.  

In August 2018, a proposal by California State Sen. Bob Hertzberg to create state chartered bank for the California cannabis industry failed to advance in the California Senate leaving a void for the cannabis industry.  This is a common pattern throughout the United States where Cannabis has been legalized.

The Solution:  Yourist Law Corporation has a straightforward solution for the regulated cannabis industry.  Our law firm works with a full service United States-based banking solution for the regulated cannabis industry that provides a banking solution from acceptance of cannabis cash to CBD-related wires to debit cards to ACH payments as well as payroll and operating accounts!      

We all understand the difficulty of making basic payments to vendors without a bank, well that all ends today. 

We screen all potential banking clients to quickly assess whether they’re eligible for the banking services as a licensed and compliant cannabis business in your jurisdiction.  

Our banking solution is available in California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Michigan, Ohio, and Florida with more states opening over time.  

We are ready to speak with you about your banking needs.  Our firm only gets paid if you proceed with the banking solution so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.  

Call one of our Attorneys for a confidential discussion at 310-575-1175.

*This program is not Cryptocurrency-related or a “closed loop” system.


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